"Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path."

-Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 58

Donate to your Intergroup

YES! I’ll help the OKC Intergroup office!
We are always grateful for the financial support we receive from AA members and their groups throughout the year.
We are trying to make it easier for you to donate to Intergroup and one way to do that is to revive the “Faithful Fivers” program.  Many years ago individuals would commit to sending in $5/month to support Intergroup.  We are now giving you an easy way to set up recurring monthly $5.00 donations to Intergroup. Online! Simply click on the Faithful Fivers button and PayPal will walk you through the setup.

Recurring Monthly Contribution

There is also a one-time DONATE button that can be used by any AA member or Group to donate.
(Note:  if you are making a donation for your group, make sure you note the Group Name and Group Number so that we can credit the correct group) 

7th Tradition Contribution



Why do we ask for your donations?
Your OKC Intergroup Office carries out the tasks of Alcoholics Anonymous that cannot be done by any single Group.  Your tax-deductible contribution to the OKC Intergroup is a gift that helps carry the message to recovering alcoholics and the alcoholics who still suffer.

  • Hotline – we arrange for volunteers to answer the hotline calls in the office during the day and arrange for volunteers to take the calls after hours.  We make sure that a recovering alcoholic answers our Hotline 24/7/365.
  • We produce and distribute meeting directories, manage the website and online store.
  • We maintain the location at 2701 N Portland where we carry literature, a few gift items and sobriety medallions for purchase, and provide a safe place to come for a cup of coffee and a little AA fellowship.
  • We produce a monthly newsletter.
  • We hold monthly Intergroup Representative meetings to exchange information with the groups that participate with us.  We listen to the groups through their reps and do our best to perform the tasks requested by the groups.

Remember:  Donations can be accepted only from members of Alcoholics Anonymous – by donating you are certifying that you are a member of AA.  Please note that the maximum annual contribution amount is $3000.00.
Thank you for supporting the OKC Intergroup.