Online Meetings

List of Online Meetings

GroupDate – TimeDetails
5th TraditionWed 7:00 pmZoom ID: 9188961551
A Way of LifeMon & Wed 8:00 pmZoom ID: 3809728060
Agnostic & Secular GrpM-W-F 6:00 pmZoom ID: 9928434787
Ardmore WomensTues 6:00 pmZoom ID: 181359242 passwd: 683654
Classen ClubM & Th 5:30p; Tues 7p Women’s Mtg; Women’s Sat 11:00am; W, Th & Fr 8:00 pmZoom ID: 8468658219
Edmond GrpSun thru Sat 8:00 pm
Tues & Thurs 12:10-12:50 pm
Mon, Wed 7am
Sun 9:30 am
Zoom ID: 2115569871
Freedom GroupMon & Thur 7:00 pmZoom ID: 753170214
Harmony Women’s MtgMon 5:30 pmZoom ID: 7771224471
Into ActionSun 7:30 pmZoom ID: 9778658729 pass: intoaction
Kelley ClubWed 6:00 pmZoom id: 8358029234
Lakeside Serenity (C-Men’s)Tues Thur 7pmZoom ID: 5693381763
Live & Let LiveM-W-F 5:30 pmZoom ID: 487502328
May ClubDaily – see schedule https://www.mayclubokc.comZoom ID: 733055396
MayfairTues 7:00 pmZoom ID: 2882960037
MisfitsWed 7:00 pmVonage:, meeting pin: 9170688409
MustangM-T-W-F 8:00 pm Zoom ID: 830052902 passcode 305413
MustangSun 7:00 pm Zoom ID: 969 470 950
Mustang (W)Sun 4:00 pmZoom ID: 969470950
Norman Origi Grp9a, noon, 5:30p, 8pZoom ID: 2729479970
Pauls Valley1-Thurs 7:30, 2-Sat (W) 10a1-Zoom ID: 828584977
2-Zoom ID: 174127225
Primary PurposeM-T-Thur 8:00 pmZoom ID: 275176013
Rockwell7 days wk 12:10, 5:30 & 8pZoom ID: 8841840431
Southside SerenitySun through Sat
TriCityDaily 12p & 7p, Sat & Sun 10:30aZoom ID: 5862356545
Touchstone Womens MtgMon & Thurs 6:30 pmZoom ID: 677467014
Western ClubM-F
6:30 am, 12:00pm, 5:30 pm & 8:00 pm

Sat 6:30 a, 8a Mens, 10:30 a Womens 8p

Sun: 6:30a, 10:00 am and 8p
Zoom ID 240999068
YANA (W)Tues 10:30 am Zoom ID 7771224471
YANA (W)Thurs 10:30 am Zoom ID 5286217554
Yukon YanaDaily 5:30 pmZoom ID 458649899 passcode 215847


For Zoom users: With the rush to shift to online meetings, many of us did not take time to investigate what this meant to the spiritual foundation of our recovery – namely, anonymity. Now that online meetings are accessible, we want to pass on best practices for protecting anonymity.

These have been curated from the membership and online resources.

The default Zoom settings run counter to AA’s spiritual foundation of anonymity. The meetings are publicly accessible and full names and faces are often displayed. Additionally, by default all Zoom meetings are recorded to the cloud. Turning that feature off is simple, fortunately.

There are other settings in the Meeting subtab that can also be adjusted, such as disallowing remote control of devices, file transfer, data sharing with Zoom, and screen sharing.

Here are some suggested settings for your meeting to use. Please note that most, if not all, of the settings below are not the Zoom default:

Go to: Settings > Recording and click off the Local and Cloud recording features.

In the Zoom Settings section, under the Meeting subtab:
• Require Encryption for Third Party Endpoints
• Disable Auto saving chats
• Disable File transfer
• Disable Feedback to Zoom
• Disable Screen sharing
• Disable desktop/screen share for users
• Disable Remote control
• Allow Virtual background (this is the Zoom default and allows the user to use a virtual background instead of the inside of their apartment, for example)

In the Zoom Settings section, under the Recording subtab:
• Disable Local recording
• Disable Cloud recording
• Disable Automatic recording