5:00 am WHY Group 2913 West Britton Road 2913 W Britton Rd Oklahoma City Open
6:00 am Lawton Original Group Location Temporarily Closed 1210 Southwest F Avenue 1210 SW F Ave Lawton Closed, Location Temporarily Closed
6:00 am WGAT Virtual Online Meeting online only Durant, OK Durant Discussion, Newcomer, Online Meeting, Open
6:30 am North Meridian Early Bird 2.0 North Meridian Group - Springlake shopping center 4407 NW 50th St Oklahoma City Big Book, Closed
6:30 am Early Birds Group Western Club - Back door 5207 N Western Ave Oklahoma City Closed
7:00 am May Club 2913 West Britton Road 2913 W Britton Rd Oklahoma City Open
8:00 am TriCity 115 SE 1st 115 SE 1st St Moore Open
9:00 am Norman Original Group 101 Triad Village Drive 101 Triad Village Dr Norman Literature, Open
10:00 am Kelley Club Location Temporarily Closed 2300 North Kelley Avenue 2300 N Kelley Ave Oklahoma City Location Temporarily Closed, Open
11:00 am Oil Patch Group 232 West 3rd Street 232 W 3rd St Holdenville Open
11:30 am Classen Club se corner of shartel and 30th 722 NW 30th St Oklahoma City 12 Steps & 12 Traditions, Open
11:50 am Station 23 Beginners Meeting suite E, next to vape shop 5943 NW 23rd St Oklahoma City Discussion, Newcomer